• Bond fees, booking fees, and other fees or debts never need to be paid to secure a persons release on money bond. A Payor need only pay the bond amount in order to secure release.
  • The Sheriff shall release a defendant within six (6) hours after a personal recognizance bond is set and the defendant has returned to the jail or within six (6) hours after a cash bond has been set and the defendant has returned to jail and the defendant or surety notified the jail that bond is prepared to be posted, unless extraordinary circumstances exist. However, a Sheriff may hold a defendant for up to twenty-four (24) hours if necessary to ensure a defendant is fitted with required electronic monitoring.

To file a complaint in reference to violation of HB 21-1280

If inmates need to file a complaint, they should file a written complaint (either on paper or using the forms in Cidnet) to the Jail Captain. The complaints will be reviewed, and appropriate action will be taken.